Welcome to The Clubhouse for FSI dealers!

This is a place for us to connect, ask questions, share ideas, and generally discuss all things relevant to mobile fleet services.  The folks who have been up and running for awhile have so much knowledge to share with new dealers, so in these forums they can reply to a question once rather than repeat the same answer over and over, and other experienced dealers can weigh in with their thoughts without risk of repetition.  Likewise, a new dealer might come across a supplier or software or something else that could help the veterans, so hopefully the flow of help will be bilateral to at least some degree.

Just so you know, these forums are password-protected, and only registrations from verified FSI dealers will be approved. There’s a reason it’s called The Clubhouse!

Register below (and don’t forget to bookmark that page).  Once your registration is verified and approved, you’ll not only be able to read threads and post questions and answers, you can choose to subscribe so that you receive email notifications of new posts.  Good stuff!

Lastly, I am a very new dealer–I am hoping to generate my first revenue next week, and I’m also the dad of twin toddlers, so I’m pretty busy these days.  That said, I will look after these forums as much and as quickly as I can, but please be patient if your registration takes more than a day or two to be verified and approved.  If you want to reach me directly:  dave@arborfleet.com or 734-224-5151.  Thanks.